POS Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are an important part of your POS system. Consult your POS software provider for a list of compatible receipt printers.

Thermal Receipt Printers are the best choice for fast retail environments. They are virtually silent and print complete receipts in 1 to 2 seconds. Thermal printers use heat sensitive receipt paper, eliminating the need to purchase ink or ribbon cartridges. Thermal printers are not a good choice for hot kitchen environments. Kitchen heat may cause the thermal receipt to curl or fade.

Impact Receipt Printers use standard receipt roll paper and ribbons. They are heat resistant and ideal for restaurant kitchen environments. They can print on 2-ply receipt paper and many models offer printing in both black & red ink.

Recommended Printers for RapidFire POS:
* Serial or Parallel interfaces only

Star Micronics SP700       - impact printer       Replaces the Star SP200
Star Micronics TSP600II  - thermal printer
Star Micronics TSP700II  - thermal printer

Samsung SRP-275  - impact printer
Samsung SRP-350  - thermal printer
Samsung SRP-500  - inkjet printer      Replaces the Ithaca POSjet 1000

Epson TM-U220  - impact printer
Epson TM-T88V  - thermal printer
     IMPORTANT: RapidFire version 7.942e or above is "required" to use an Epson printer.