RapidFire Workstations for $750.00 - Call to Order

We make replacing your RapidFire computers easy!

Our RapidFire DOS workstations come pre-loaded with software that is designed to automatically copy your RapidFire software, menus, data, and software licenses within minutes to your new RapidFire workstation.

Our goal?     Simply to make it easy for you, our customer!

All of our computers are made with NEW computer components. Why buy an unreliable used computer, when you can buy an easy to install,
new RapidFire workstation that will last for years?

Each RapidFire workstation comes with 30 minutes of FREE Technical Support to help you setup your replacement workstation.

Standard RapidFire Workstation

All RapidFire Workstations are Custom Configured before they are shipped.

To Order... Call 866-767-1230

Replacing your old RapidFire workstation could not be easier!

1. Exit to DOS on all RapidFire computers.
2. Connect and turn on your new RapidFire workstation.
3. Our automated software will copy your RapidFire menus & License within minutes.
4. Once complete, you will be asked select what station # you are replacing.
5. Finally, reboot the station, calibrate your light pen or touch screen... and you are done!

It is really that easy! And our support technicians are here to assist you during the entire process.